Old Friends

It seems there are people in my past who still remember me… who actually seem to like me… wonders will never cease…

There is KinkyRoo… who I met a year ago in person and we had been talking online for ages before that.. I havent spoken to him at all after we met that once and we reconnected somehow online just a week ago and its like we never stopped talking. He is an amazing man, very intelligent, kinky, perverted and a wicked wit to boot. Also very spiritual.

Then there is Bitch.. that is what I like to call him.. he was a submissive I was going to play with but never did… we have also reconnected and I am considering him as my submissive. He also seems to want something of me.

Then there is Karen.. at one time we were both sister submissives… to one Dom. We were friends and lovers for a short tumultuous time in both our lives when we were both going through crap. She is an amazing woman and has found herself a lovely dom to share her life. I love reading her writings as she is very eloquent and has an amazing knowledge of BDSM and people.

I am looking forward to seeing Roo again… I just adored him as a friend and a man. He is a switch and definitely an alpha male.. lol.. too complicated for little old me.. but having a play session with him will be amazing. I am looking forward to it. I dont mind playing occasionally with him. He lives 8 hours away so we wont get to play much…. but nice anyway.

I am quietly excited about Bitch.. I do remember I enjoyed chatting with him online and his messages. We both have similiar interests in BDSM and he is witty and very sub which I like very much…he also isnt too bad too look at and he as a nice tight as and a nice looking cock.. he he he

After Easter we will meet and have coffee and chat and meet up to decide if we want to just be friends or click and want to play. We both are looking for play partners and as I know he is not looking for LTR  I am happy with that.

He is very open to playing with other submissives as well which I am open to in the future. I would love to experience what it would be like to have two submissives to play with in a scene. I have always loved watching male on male action and I find it quite erotic.

The journey continues.



Author: thesecretaspieblog

I am 47 years old, divorced a long time ago.. with abusive ex's in my past... I have three children in their early twenties who may or may not have Aspergers. I am self diagnosed and in the future when I can I would like to be officially diagnosed. I just don't have any money to spare atm. I am on Disability for having Multiple Personality Disorder. I was diagnosed officially in 2012. I knew about my personalities from when I was 31. Finding out I am probably on the spectrum has in some ways given me a life jacket and simultaneously felt like someone is pushing me under..... This is just my thoughts put into words.

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