I have met someone… and she makes my heart beat faster and my mouth smile…

She has asked me to name her and I chose the name Serena…

It is late Latin and is derived from Latin serenus meaning “clear, tranquil, serene”.

I have not told her that but I will in good time.

She has a male physical but female mind and heart.. and she fills me with joy when I see her messages…

It is early days yet and the past couple of weeks we have been emailing each other constantly… her emails make me smile.. she is just as different as I am… and just as complicated… I like that even though she is female that she still likes having male genitalia to amuse me.

Her life has been even worse than mine… from the little she has told me… my heart cried for her pain and I feel I have met a kindred spirit.

We are alike in so many ways and yet in others so different… She has always heard voices in her mind but has never dissociated badly enough that someone has taken over.

She has a poetic voice and a sense of humour… she is a fighter, a survivor and works hard to get where she is. She is a deep thinker and a philosopher and a nature lover. She loves learning and is always studying or reading… I like that very much.. I like her..

I like that we have the same kinks and fetishes and ideas about the BDSM lifestyle…

She wants to be my wife.. dress as my wife and be in that role.. and be kinky as fuck..lol    I have no problem with that at all…. that has been my main fantasy for a very long time… In public vanilla and in private and amongst our kink friends Mistress and slave…

She loves chastity and feminization.. and is interested in the future in signing a slave contract, wearing a slave collar and being branded/tattooed…..

But what I think I like the most is that she said she likes me….lol… I am so a little kid sometimes…bahahaha



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