I have never really known what I wanted to do in my life. Is it too late?

When do we get too old to study? change careers?

I dont know..

Is it too late for me to study a Bachelor… 6 years full time..

I am now 48 if I start in July.. and do it full time.. I will be 54 in my last year..

When do I give up? When do I stop striving to get somewhere better than where I am today?

What is the point?

When all my life I have struggled to put food on the table and pay the bills..

I have always had to fight so fucking hard for every single fucking thing.. Nothing has ever been easy.. it has always been a struggle..

I put a smile on my face for the outside world.. I laugh … I act like a grown up.. like I am responsible and on the inside Im dying.. Im a failure… I struggle with everyday life..

Where do I get off thinking I can do a fucking bachelor?  How stupid am I to think I could be a Psychologist….

The thing is… I have a passion inside me… a fire if you will… I want to make a change… I want to help others.. I want to work in the industry of helping people…. especially people with autism… I spent 48 years not knowing who I was… why I behaved and felt the way I did… I want to make a difference in womens lives… I want to help people with autism.. and especially women like me with aspergers.. because its a silent epidemic..

there is not enough information about aspergers in women… the latest dmv is still biased towards males with autism… there is nothing out there for normal psychologists to diagnose..

There has to be an easier way to diagnose women with autism and aspergers… and I want to find it..

I want to find a way for psychologist to make it easier to diagnose … maybe there is no easy way… maybe im just being stupid… but there are so many girls who are going through the school system and not being diagnosed.. until later in life…

I want to help adults and women especially.

Yeah… ok… so thanks for listening…. I think that is my passion right there…

smiles… shit me not… Im going to University.. bahahaha




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