So another dead end…. the psychiatrist I was hoping to see does not bulk bill anymore…. sighs… why do they have to make it so difficult for people to seek help and get a formal diagnosis for autism….

Psychs are sooo fucking expensive… $395 for just an initial visit… fuck me dead.

I know they have a huge debt from going to Uni but seriously… People have forgotten that it is about helping people and they want to stick their hand in the pie and eat it as well….

When I am qualified I am so bulk billing… I dont care if I die with a debt to the government.. they owe me for being a tax payer for so many years…lol

No wonder so many people give up on getting a formal diagnosis…

The psychologist I am seeing at the moment knows nothing about ASD and I bloody know more than she does and I had only realised I was an Aspie what like 3 weeks ago?

yeah I know .. I move fast when I have too..lolol

Im like a four year old with a tooth ache.. I want it now and I dont care who knows it…lol

Ehh… so official diagnosis is on the back burner once again until i find someone else who bulk bills and specializes in ASD and is not a million miles away..



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