Why do I want to go into psychology? Why does it fascinate me?

I guess when you look at the big picture of my life and my beginnings… I was abused by my father and that is something that doesnt happen to everyone.

I have always wanted to know why… why did he do that…. what brought him to that point in his life where he decided to follow that desire…

I have never understood why people do the things they do… violence against one another.. killing, maiming, torture… rape, abuse, sexual abuse, bullying.

The list goes on… where do people get to the point where their urges and cravings take over their lives..

I find it completely fascinating… that is one of the reasons I am a mistress…. getting into a submissive brain and working on his kinks, desires and fetishes fascinates me…

I have been talking to a couple of submissive’s. I met a very nice sissy sub yesterday for coffee and we have agreed to play. He is a very genuine person and I like that. I cannot stand people who are fake.

Thursday I am meeting and could play with on first meet a sub I have been chatting to on and off for a year. We have now crossed paths again and are able to play together.. . he blows my mind with the things he says and does.

What is it about some people you meet that you just click with or have just met and its like meeting someone you have known for years.

Why do we feel like that? What motivates us to be social or solitary creatures…

All of this fascinates me…



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