I want to lose control with you… I want to feel what its like to not be in control.. To do what I want with you… whether I drag you down to my feet..into the depths of depravity and make you feel so humiliated you wish you were nothing…or take you to the highest mountain peak.. make you feel the joy of pleasure and pain… I want to do it all…. I want to take you with me… to share our journey together.. for without you … I am nothing… I need you to complete me… I want to lick your sweat from off your brow… kiss your smooth skin… leave my bite marks like the pitter patter of rain all over your body… I want to explore the hills and valleys of your body… show me your pleasure and pain in the moans and sighs that I tear from your mouth…
I want to unlease my beast upon your body.. your mind … your soul… let me smell you.. let me breath your soul inside my body deep inside…
I crave to know you so intimately that your every look and breath would tell me what your thinking… I want to know what your next thought will be before you do…
let me chain you to me.. with chains of submission and adoration… trust me to take you upon a journey you need to fulfill your desires and needs… your craving to feel my caress upon your cheek and my whip against your skin.. flowing like water… a touch takes on a life of its own.. it flows over your skin sparking sensations of desire deep within you..
Dont lie to me because I know your needs.. the cravings that wake you deep in the night to serve and obey…
Dont think that you can mask how you feel to someone who is dominant… I see through your little white lies… I know because I hunt you in my dreams… with a net and knife… i will smell your fear.. your excitement… desire… to be caught… and I will find you when you least expect it… i can be your salvation or your worst nightmare… depending on my mood… so dont be fooled by my vanilla mask I wear… for it is never what you see that you should be worried about but the unseen…

Mistress Carnal


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