Years ago when I first stepped into the world of BDSM… I met a Dominant male… online… we chatted for a very long time.. on and off… getting to know each other.. for two years he was my friend and mentor online… He convinced me to be his submissive… the second time we met… we met in a car park… i drove there and left my car… got in his car and let him blindfold me and cuff my hands… He drove me somewhere… I did not know where… l was his sex slave for two days and a night…

But it was because I placed my trust in him that I was able to do so… I knew I would be safe… I knew him better than anyone else did… his thoughts.. his desires… what he wanted in a woman…

In some ways the relationship between a dominant and a submissive is closer than anything else… vanilla pales by comparison..

He could of taken me somewhere and killed me and no one else would of known…. and some might say it was foolish… but i decided to trust him as we had chatted daily for two years… not missing one day he was there for me… as a friend and a Master…

And even though our relationship was rocky and he was partnered…. yes he had a partner at the time… who was vanilla… I wouldnt not do it again with him… sex with him blew my mind… he was the one who introduced me to anal and rimming… he was the one who gave me a love for it… he could go for hours…. he had great stamina and was very sexual… I must admit I and my insiders found him very physically attractive… it wasnt that he was a good looking man.. he was .. it was something about him… his aura maybe… the way he looked at me… if we ever met again and he asked me to sub for him… I would… he is one of two men I know that I would still sub for… Master Luke and Kinky Roo…

These two men changed my view of men in the world… showed me that their are some men who could be trusted…


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