Fi…. Fi… wake up … its time to go to school…. I shake my head…. I don’t wanna go to school….. no one plays with me…. I grumble to the others in my head… but I don’t say it out loud…. “Don’t worry” says Gyle…. We will play with you…. We will always play with you…. I smile at him and I feel better…. I can hear my brother and sisters getting ready and hurrying to sit at the table for breakfast… yum I think vegemite toast…. Goliath makes a funny face at me and I giggle… He always makes me feel better and gives me lots of hugs… I sit up and yawn…. And Goliath makes our body stretch…. Up to the sky Goliath I squeal… in delight… he laughs and tries to touch the ceiling… but of course my little body does not quite reach that far…. Mirriam scolds us and hurries me up to get dressed and go to the toilet…. She helps me chose something to wear and put my clothes on…. She makes my bed and smiles because it looks nice and neat… I walk into the toilet and Mirriam does our business and then I go and wash my hands…. Goliath makes sure I use lots of soap and I try to play with the bubbles but Mirriam hurries me along… I grumble to Gyle and he just raises his eyebrow at me… I scowl at him because I know I should hurry but I just don’t want to go to school…. I walk into the dining room and my brother and sisters are already sitting and eating their breakfast… come on slow coach smiles Mum at me… and we all smile back at her… we love my mummy very much…. Goliath says she has a gentle soul and when I get bigger Mirriam says I can help with the housework… but my body is too small yet… I sit at my seat at the table… and look at my siblings… this is my world… Fifi’s world…

I wait and watch as Fifi eats her breakfast… I am tired today but I don’t let the others know it… no point in letting them worry too… I had been awake all night watching for the dark man…. It had looked like it was going to rain late yesterday afternoon and he always came when it rained. And in the early hours of the morning…. My eyes tightened at the memory of the last visit… it hadn’t been pleasant… the little one endured the incident and Mirriam held her afterwards gently singing her a lullaby as she cried and holding her close…. Goliath held them both in his big arms and carried them back to the village… I followed them close behind with Scar and Riven on each side… guarding against the shadows…. The shadows were always here … as permanent as the ground and the sky … didn’t matter what we tried to get rid of them they always came back.


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