I am freaking out at the moment..

A friend has blocked me on fet because I did not recognise her profile on collarspace and sent her a message…

She changes her pics and profile name constantly… I never know what she is going to be called next.

She seems to feel affronted or hurt that I did not recognise her even though her pic looked familiar.. it also was a chest pic of her lovely boobs but even though they looked stangely familiar… I still did not recognise her… I had not seem her for 2 years.. how am I to know it was her…We hadnt chatted on fet for a few weeks.. I still feel spacy in my head..

Carnal sent her a message asking her to forgive me.. I wonder if she has even blocked me on collarspace..


Author: thesecretaspieblog

I am 47 years old, divorced a long time ago.. with abusive ex's in my past... I have three children in their early twenties who may or may not have Aspergers. I am self diagnosed and in the future when I can I would like to be officially diagnosed. I just don't have any money to spare atm. I am on Disability for having Multiple Personality Disorder. I was diagnosed officially in 2012. I knew about my personalities from when I was 31. Finding out I am probably on the spectrum has in some ways given me a life jacket and simultaneously felt like someone is pushing me under..... This is just my thoughts put into words.

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