I know with a site like fetlife that you get the bad along with the good. I guess I have been lucky until now that I have not had trolls come across me and bother me…. today was different.. one little comment on one of my writings and it twisted a knife inside me…

Such a little thing… and I am sure he meant for it to hurt or to denigrate me for sure…. someone like that always does…

I had written a little anecdote about a fish and said how interesting I thought it was…. and he wrote a comment saying…. “What is the name of the fish you imbecile?”

Well… I have never been called an imbecile before just for not knowing a small fact… ehh… sort of put me off kilter… I was never deliberately bullied before in a public forum… yes I was excluded as a child from playing with other children but no one was ever deliberately mean… I guess I was lucky in a way… as I was invisible… very lucky when I think of it….

Not sure how I am taking it…. I have the worst headache now…. as soon as I read the comment.. I of course ignored it and blocked him…. because someone like that feeds on your reaction… of course blocking him probably gave him the reaction he wanted but what can you do..? I was not going to get into an argument with someone like that…

My head still feels funny and will for most of the morning…. it is very unsettling for me being attacked… by someone I do not know… definitely… puts me off…

I wonder what people get out of it? Does it make him feel better to put women down.. Is he a bigot and a misogynist… a pig…

I looked at his profile and he hides who he is.. no profile pic.. no age or what he is into… or any information to be matter of fact…

only a few groups… and nothing.. except his activity… so definitely a TROLL…. not someone worth worrying about to be sure…. but it galls me… and I know my insiders wanted to rip him a new one… Pandora especially would of wanted to kick the shit out of him if she had been nearby…. people like that just make it harder for more genuine people in the lifestyle… who enjoy BDSM…. did he look at my profile? Maybe he thought it would be fun as he saw that I had put I had Aspergers on there… ? Maybe… I do not know his agenda… and it puzzles me that people can be so cruel… and vindictive to amuse themselves… it is petty … makes me feel perplexed… ehhh…. better to forget and move on I say…


Author: thesecretaspieblog

I am more than my diagnoses, I am more than my past. I defy anyone to put me in a box and label who and what I am. I am exceptional. I am unique and so are you. Strive for the stars and you shall paint the world around you with ecstasy, laughter and empathy. Show compassion for those less fortunate. Do not forget the lost ones. Stand up for human rights and social justice. I have been labelled Autistic by therapists, I have been labelled with Multiple Personality Disorder by psychiatrists. On Fetlife I am labelled an Owner, a Cuckoldress and a Mistress. Labels do not define who you are but give others an idea of what you are and that is all. Be more than just a label.

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