I find it strange that over the years this lifestyle has become my normal. I could not imagine having a vanilla relationship. It just does not compute anymore. This is now my normal.

Anything else I think would be boring for me. I am not dissing other types of relationships and dynamics at all. I think it is important to do whatever makes you happy.

Good god ‘Marry a bridge’ if that makes you happy. Laughs. What an idiot that politician was. Seriously some people need to be put down at birth or gagged.

So for me, it is very much about living a life that is fulfilling and makes me happy. I think that is what everyone wants. Just to be happy and be with someone they love. If that someone is a ‘Bridge’ then by all means. Lol.

Good god, who am I to tell someone how to live their life? That is what I do not get about people who are against same-sex marriage. How does it affect them at all? And do not bring in the Safe Schools subject. That has absolutely nothing to do with SSM.

It gales me that there are narrow-minded people who would judge others and put their religious beliefs onto other people. What happened to minding their own bloody business.

Life is too short to worry about what other people are doing. Look in your own backyard I say.

I could go on but it is like beating a dead horse. Nothing is going to happen. Sighs.

On another note, I had a chance this morning to message with my boi. He is overseas atm in Singapore. Gahh… I am trying to concentrate on study but my thoughts are always drawn to the little shit. He perplexes me, angers me, offends me, makes me laugh, fascinates me and all round is so fucking attractive to me it is not funny.

I have never met anyone who infuriates me so much and makes me want to laugh at the same time. He truly fucks with my head. What the hell am I supposed to do with this?

Ok ok… fuck… one day at a time I know.

I feel as if we are two meteors speeding towards each other at an impossible speed about to crash. I am not sure if either of us will survive this. But fuck me dead. What an incredible way to go.

Morganna & Lucius


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