I feel very much like a spoilt brat

Noo… not really but it made you look didn’t it?…lol.

In a way, I feel like doing a bit of pouting but I am tired… lol

Rashid is working all weekend, and earlier when he messaged I was out. We have not spoken for a few days, and I need my fix. I am such a fool.

I went out tonight and had a chill chat for a few hours with a young pup. OMG was I ever that young. Geez, makes me feel so old. He is so new the wrapping is still on him. Lol. AND the price tag…. hehehe

But it was nice to just sit and chat, with someone who got me. He also has Aspergers so we had a lot to chat about plus his interest in the lifestyle.

It was weird in a way because he did similar stuff to me which was an aspie thing, and even though I know I am. He was the first person I have spoken to who noticed and said something. It was nice he just accepted me as me.

The funny thing is he identifies as a puppy submissive. AND he acts just like a puppy emotionally. I know it is because he has a naivety to him, a trusting nature. It is part of having Aspergers. I am the same way. I think that might be why we connected so easily because we got each other if you know what I mean. Just was very chill, was nice. He wasn’t expecting anything from me and vice versa. I think we could be good friends. I am so tired… Im just dribbling now. lol





Author: thesecretaspieblog

I am more than my diagnoses, I am more than my past. I defy anyone to put me in a box and label who and what I am. I am exceptional. I am unique and so are you. Strive for the stars and you shall paint the world around you with ecstasy, laughter and empathy. Show compassion for those less fortunate. Do not forget the lost ones. Stand up for human rights and social justice. I have been labelled Autistic by therapists, I have been labelled with Multiple Personality Disorder by psychiatrists. On Fetlife I am labelled an Owner, a Cuckoldress and a Mistress. Labels do not define who you are but give others an idea of what you are and that is all. Be more than just a label.

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