Yes, I am posting some old entries I have written elsewhere… Lol.

There were days in my past where I thought humanity had passed the point of no return.. people killing people, rape, incest, viciousness and just plain old meanness…. what was the point I thought… in trying to survive in such a world… where was the love, the laughter and the smiles…but then I found it…
In my children’s laughter I found love,
within their love for me I found my salvation… and in their smiles that was my heaven..,
I dont want much in life… Im not materialistic… Im not money hungry or a user, I dont manipulate people for my own gain..
Im a simple woman in my wants and needs…
I like who I like and I love who I love… simple as that.
I find joy in the simplest of things… a line of caterpillars crossing my path in the early morning dawn… the sound of the wind rustling the leaves… the soft chatter of children as they walk past my house on the way to school…
There is joy in the simplest of things if you but open yourself up to the world around you…
The soft touch of a lover… the first mouthful of a good wine… the sunset at night… take the time and you wont regret it…. to feel everything around you… its the simple things in life that are the magic that surrounds us.


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