I cannot remember if I posted this before but I am posting it again because I like it and always because I can. Ha. It was a post I had written at Fetlife after someone ghosted me.

I have a feeling I have posted it but oh well. Lol.

I never told you I was normal. I did not lie and hide who I was to you. I did not pretend I was something I wasn’t to fit into what we are told is normal. I did tell you. Maybe I should have warned you first to beware.

That I think as differently to you as the night to the day. That the way I experience the world around me changes constantly, and that my opinions and views, likes and dislikes change just as much depending on my mood.

People make assumptions about what is classed as a mental disorder in today’s society as we are fed from birth ideas about what is normal and what is not. We are told to trust those we see as authorities figures.

This is the way it is with psychology, with the medical profession. We are told that that they know better about the workings of our minds and that if your nerodiverse or your brain works differently that somehow you are broken or seen as someone less or that you need fixing. We have stopped questioning things for ourselves and just accept what we are told.

Because they have the degree on the wall and so that magically makes them an expert? They do not know everything and they get it wrong.

I am not less and I do not need fixing. I am just different and I think differently to a ‘normal’ person.

Not sick, not less, just different. People are scared of anyone who is different to them. But we are all different, we all do things that someone else could think is wrong or weird.

I just do not hide that difference. And I do not need fixing.


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