It is a lot of things…
It is the power you have over another as they debase themselves and are willing to be vulnerable and show you their true colours.
It is that they willingly humiliate themselves for my pleasure.
It is the sexual power I have over them.
To hear them beg to please me and wait to see whether I will oblige.
It is getting to know them inside and out.
Using everything that you learn about who they are as a person to make them what I want them to be.
It is having the responsibility of caring for their mental well-being and health.
It is about loyalty for as a dominant your slave needs to know that you are not going to throw them away.
That you are going to support them in whatever they endeavor.
That they are in your eyes worthy of serving you and showing them that.


6 thoughts on “On Being Dominant

      1. Me too! Do you have the Dictionary app? Each morning at 8am, it send me a word to learn. The word today… “astrobleme”, meaning “an erosional scar on the earth’s surface.


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