Unbind My Heart

I want to get lost looking into your eyes…lose myself in the sensation of your skin under my touch…Have my tongue flay the skin from your body…
I wonder what it would feel like… to have your body beneath mine…our breath playing hide and seek … my lips and tongue feasting upon yours… teasing, tormenting and then when I so choose demanding entrance…
The play of energy swirling in and around us as we entice each other with our bodies… pleasure and pain making your soul writhe beneath my hands…
The urge to dominate and submit rising in both of us…. a dance as complex and intricate as life…
I crave to hold you… curled into my body afterwards… stroking your cheek… your hair… knowing you are mine… I want to share everything I am with you and yet you hold me at a distance… cautious and wary… I rush in where fools fear to tread… my heart on my sleeve…maybe I am a fool….but if I do not try… what is the point of it… of living … if I always took the safe road…it would be a boring and mundane existence…I look for you and thought I had found you many times…only to be disappointed and hurt by others…I think I have found you now….

I tied my heart up and now looking at you I find I am unravelling the knots foolishly…

Offering my heart again…


Author: thesecretaspieblog

I am more than my diagnoses, I am more than my past. I defy anyone to put me in a box and label who and what I am. I am exceptional. I am unique and so are you. Strive for the stars and you shall paint the world around you with ecstasy, laughter and empathy. Show compassion for those less fortunate. Do not forget the lost ones. Stand up for human rights and social justice. I have been labelled Autistic by therapists, I have been labelled with Multiple Personality Disorder by psychiatrists. On Fetlife I am labelled an Owner, a Cuckoldress and a Mistress. Labels do not define who you are but give others an idea of what you are and that is all. Be more than just a label.

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