I think I am too perverted for even Fetlife.

I am not ashamed that I am willing to go this far down the rabbit hole or that what I am finding I enjoy and love about some of the things I am into. But it makes me wonder if you knew all the things I was into would you draw back in disgust?

I find I am going down roads that once upon a time were a hard limit for me as a dominant and now it seems nothing is when it comes to humiliation and changing the one I am with into what I desire them to be.




11 thoughts on “Too Perverted for even Fetlife

  1. I am quite intrigued by this as well… I have seen some pretty wild & crazy things on Fetlife; things I can never unsee or unread. I can’t really imagine anything that would get you cast out from even that community!


  2. Thank you for sharing.

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but from the sound of it you may have developed a strong taste for, if not a “fetish” for the symbolism behind acts.

    Power. Control. Status. Devotion.

    Do you enjoy having him desperately prove himself? Do you enjoy seeing how far you can push him before he breaks? Do you enjoy seeing new depths to his submission? Do you get a charge from certain sounds or expressions that you know signify that whatever is going on is reaching him on a deep level? Do you like the thought that he is “enduring” for you?

    If the answer is yes to most of these questions, then I have a reasonable idea of what is going on and it would be hard to shock or disgust me. When you chase a feeling set or an idea instead of a specific act, there will be a constant need to push farther and delve deeper as time goes on. If I use my imagination I can envision the progression fairly easily. You can break the broken, it just hurts more 😀

    While certain things might be on my hard limits, if I know the feelings behind them then it doesn’t really surprise me at all when people reach them.

    Take care.

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      1. Thank you. I am glad that my read was correct. I don’t think it is too hard to picture where things have gone, nor are they too perverse.

        Humiliation-themed acts definitely elevate you and diminish him 🙂

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      2. It sounds lovely.

        Also, just as a side note, but I think while some people will judge, there are many where voicing the context and meaning will soften their view. “I can see how that would be appealing.”

        Often the negativity is focused on males and their perceived habits. Eg. When people think of trampling they are more likely to think of a guy jerking off at his keyboard to porn going “mmm… feet,” than a woman thinking about (or doing) trampling thinking “oh, this makes me feel powerful.” It is an odd double-standard, but probably because many men arent good at articulating what about an act “does it” for them.

        Take care.

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