R and I are still fairly new to each other but we both know who we are. Denial is a big part of our dynamic. Plus the reality is that he is not big in that department and could not satisfy me so we both started out knowing it was never going to happen. Do I torment and tease him? Yes. Would I let him have a release? At times, yes.
Castration for both R and I is the last act that takes away his masculinity.
He is a very dominant alpha in his day to day life, very masculine, very male. He could charm anyone and is very charismatic. He also has a very demanding high powered career and I know it is in some ways an escape from that.

He was brought up in a world where women culturally were second-class citizens. Denying him chips away at his self-image of that, making him wear panties, my use of bulls, ball kicking and damaging, eventual castration all degrade that masculine self-image, his self-worth. In his heart, he is a slave, for him to have an outward manifestation of that he needs to be treated as such. That I treat him as a worthless pile of shit, makes him feel I truly see him.


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